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We take great pride in our passion and skateboarding ability and want to share our passion with others through our skateboarding lessons in Pennsylvania.

Within your first lesson, Live will have you rolling with ease. Our lessons provide detailed instructions on how to control the board, improve your balance, control the way you turn, and stop safely. Once you master the basics, we introduce skateboarding tricks and more complicated moves using the skatepark obsticles.

The sessions duration starts at 1 hour, with an additional 15-minute break if needed. (Adding extra lesson time per session is offered at a reduced rate.)

We also offer group lessons and package deals, including one FREE scheduled skate session for all lessons with your instructor after the lessons are complete if you would like to have the support of another skater!

If circumstances require, we would be happy to offer flexable time, rates, and virtual skateboarding lessons. If you need an in-person-lesson but cannot travel to a skatepark, no worries — we can come to you!

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Skateboarding Lessons in Pennsylvania


Skateboarding is an excellent outlet for physical exercise and improves balance. It also boosts self-esteem and relieves stress, all while training and strengthening your mind, so you're ready to take on whatever life throws at you. Learn to skateboard with Live and take a ride with us for an adrenaline rush.

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We want you to hit the streets with confidence. Live Supply can give you a new perspective on life when you learn the skills of skateboarding. Anyone wishing to learn how to skateboard in Pennsylvania is welcome to join us at the skatepark and take a ride.

Whether you're young or simply young-at-heart, you can learn skateboarding at any age; it's never too early or late! 

Learn How To Skateboard in Pennsylvania