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Back in 2017, Rec Philly hit Paine's skatepark to chill out with Damir Bishop on a cool winter day and refresh with some Core water. It seems like it's safe to say, things heated up quickly and got pretty productive.

Paine's skatepark is a hot spot for Philly skateboarding. Being located right across the street from the art museum and a short skate from the center city, it's nothing to get there if you're in the city. You can see both non and local skaters going at it in competition, all while enjoying themselves to win a trip to Camp Woodward with professional skateboarder Chris Cole and his friends for a weekend. Featuring one of our skateboarding instructors Damir Bishop and locals to the scene such as John Valentine, Darryl Richardson, Tom Ingelsby, Paris Summerville, and many more. All were showing us if you want something, you have to fight for it. 

Just remember, skateboarding is a lifestyle with a wonderful community that sticks together like family...

The only real competition is within yourself.

A very young Tom Inglesby in the streets of Philadelphia, PA, showing you what it takes to make something like this happen... EFFORT!

If he can do it, so can you!

This skateboarding video was created and directed by one of our favorite skateboarding animators Tobias Stretch. With the help of Adriel Pineda, Jonathan Jones, and Damir Bishop, this turned out to be an excellent collaboration for Saint Saviour's "Rock Pools" music video.

Check out Tobias Vemeo for more extraordinaire videos; they're pretty insane.

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Aside from the videos, Live Supply LLC also has skateboard wax, art supplies, grip tapes, pivot cups & hardware for you to choose. Anyone wishing to learn how to skateboard in Pennsylvania is welcome to join us at the skatepark and ride. Thank you for your interest in our skateboarding media in Pennsylvania. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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